Cydia Tweak Brings iOS 9’s Low Power Mode To iOS 8

We have all had to suffer through situations when the iPhone’s battery is down to 10% and you can’t do anything but watch it get drained helplessly. If you are expecting an important call, or need to eek out some extra battery life out of your iDevice, there are a few things that can be done. You can try turning down the brightness as low as possible, and killing any unnecessary apps might help as well. Both Android and Windows Phone have battery saver modes, and now Apple has jumped on the bandwagon as well (albeit a bit late). It hasn’t been too long since iOS 9’s Low Power Mode was announced, and a Cydia developer has already ported it to iOS 8 (sort of). Power Saver Mode is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS that extends battery life by selectively turning off different iPhone features, and reducing the overall performance.

The tweak doesn’t copy the functionality of iOS 9 Low Power Mode to the letter, but the basic idea remains the same. The original feature doesn’t let you control the aspects of iOS that get turned off or toned down to save battery. With the Power Saver tweak though, you can manually configure individual functions to make everything work the way you want.

Low Power Mode Cydia - Main Page Low Power Mode Cydia - Options

iOS 9 introduces a lot of new features, and iPhone’s hardware already comes loaded with a plethora of sensors. A combination of these factors makes the battery drain unexpectedly fast. This is what Low Power Mode targets to control. On the tweak’s main Settings screen, you will just see a simple toggle to turn the mode on or off. Below this, the menu also displays some basic usage statistics.

Under the ‘Power Saving Options’ subsection, users can choose what the tweak does when it is turned on. You can disable different iPhone sensors, control screen brightness, and control the way apps behave in the background.

Since the iOS 8.3 jailbreak was released last week, we are sure to see a lot more activity in Cydia now. Power Saver Mode is a very useful release, and can be downloaded by adding the following repo to Cydia.

Go ahead, install the tweak and see why iOS 9’s Low Power Mode is already generating a significant hype.

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