Choose Project Spartan As Default Browser In Windows 10

Internet Explorer has been the butt of countless jokes for the past decade. It has earned its notoriety by being painfully slow at times, and often failing to properly display even the simplest of websites. IE has also been the only web browser that failed to evolve at a pace that was the market norm. Now that Microsoft has finally recognized the fact that they can’t force users to like IE, a lot of people have high hopes from Internet Explorer’s successor, Project Spartan. While Project Spartan does not lack any features in the Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft still hasn’t taken the leap of faith required to make Spartan the default web browser on their newest OS. If you want to change that, read on.

Of course, we are assuming that you have followed our guide to install Windows 10 Technical Preview on your PC, as Project Spartan might very well be the default web browser when the final build actually rolls out. Unless anything changes, Windows 10’s final build will come bundled with both Internet Explorer 11 and Project Spartan, but Spartan will be the default browser. For now though, when you click on any webpage’s link on a Windows 10 Technical Preview machine, it is opened in Internet Explorer. To make sure that your PC recognized Project Spartan as the default web browser, here is what you can do.

Project Spartan Default Option Windows 10

For now, there isn’t an option within Spartan to make it your default browser, and you have to rely on the Settings app to do that. Here are the steps that need to be followed.

  1. Head to the newly resurrected Start menu.
  2. Find the “Settings” app, and open it.
  3. Within Settings, click “System”.
  4. Go to the “Web Browser” category under “Defaults”.
  5. You will see both Internet Explorer and Project Spartan listed here, unless you also have a third-party web browser installed on your computer. Select Spartan.

From now onwards, Windows 10 will treat Spartan as your default web browser. That’s all there is to it. Not exactly rocket science, but it would have been nice had Microsoft put the option of making Project Spartan your default web browser within the package itself.

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