Choose An Exclusive App Volume Level For Android

There are always apps that surprise you with their seemingly loud volume on a smartphone. If you are in silent mode, a loud app can wreak havoc. We covered the method to silence Siri in a hurry, and now there is an app that does much more on Android along the same lines. With App Volume Control, it is possible to get a different app volume level for every game or messenger on your device. Users can set parameters that are specific to certain apps. These parameters then get triggered upon certain events. App Volume Control is quite easy to master, and once you know how to use it, the app has the ability to work its magic staying in the background.

To set a certain app volume level, you won’t need to exert too much effort as the learning curve isn’t very steep. After App Volume Control has been installed, you will be guided to the stock Settings app from where it is necessary to enable the service dedicated to App Volume Control.

App Volume Level Main App Volume Level Settings

The main screen lists all system and third-party apps installed on your Android. Tap the entry for which you want to configure the app volume level. There are two factors that can trigger these parameters to come into action. One section of each app’s menu displays options for when you launch it, and the other has options for when the app is closed. You can choose different volume levels for notifications, alarms, and ringer.

Simply put, the selected volume levels come into action as soon you launch the chosen app. When the app is closed, things will revert to normal by default. Of course, it is also possible to set a different volume level whenever a certain app is closed. This means that you can always make sure notifications are loud while you’re playing Candy Crush, and they revert to the current profile’s volume as soon as you quit it. Every time AVC enforces its parameters, a notification shows up at the top of the screen.

It is a very useful concept to have an app-specific volume control, though AVC can use some UI refinement. Overall, App Volume Control should prove to be a good addition to your Android device. The ad-supported version is free, while the pro one fetches for a dollar.

Install App Volume Control From Google Play Store