Can’t Update To Windows 10 Build 10061? Here’s What To Do

There are a lot of builds floating around for the Windows 10 Technical Preview, but for the tech savvy lot it is always important to have the latest one. With Windows 10 specially, Microsoft is shipping out significant changes with each new build. Windows 10 Build 10061 was just released a few hours ago and it can be counted among the major updates of the Technical Preview. It offers a feedback system to let users report issues to Microsoft efficiently, comes with a bunch of new apps, and the Start menu has been improved. There is one problem though, a lot of users are complaining that no matter what they try, their attempts to install the new release end up in failure. This seems to be a more persistent issue with anyone who installed the leaked version of the previous Windows 10 build. Fortunately, it is possible to fix this problem thanks to a registry editor hack.

Users who installed the leaked build previously must be seeing the option to update to Windows 10 Build 10061 but that option remains virtually unusable. This is because the latest build has been released for the MS Insider Fast Ring members only. To bypass this check and to become a member of the Fast Ring, here is what you need to do.

Windows 10 Build 10061 HackSteps To Become A Fast Ring Member & Get Windows 10 Build 10061

  1. Open the registry editor by hitting the Start key on your keyboard and typing in ‘Regedit’.
  2. Following the first step opens a dialog box named ‘User Account Control’. Choose the ‘Yes’ option in it.
  3. Now you are in the registry editor and can get down to business. Go to the following registry address and click it to bring up the properties list;
  4. In the field labeled ‘Branch Name’, modify the value to ‘fbl_impressive’.
  5. The field marked ‘(DWORD) ThresholdOptedin’ should be set to ‘00000001’, if it isn’t already.
  6. Modify ‘ThresholdRiskLevel’ to ‘low’ and ‘ThersholdInternal’ to ‘0’ (it’s a zero).
  7. ‘Ring’ should be changed to ‘WIF’. With this you are done with your work in registry editor, so quit it after making sure that your changes are registered as permanent.
  8. Open the command prompt by typing CMD into Start.
  9. Type in ‘net stop wuauserv’ (without the quotes) and wait for it to finish processing.
  10. Enter ‘net stop bits’ followed by ‘net start bits’. Wait for the stop command to finish execution before entering the start one.
  11. Finally, key in ‘net start wuauserv’ and press Enter. Quit command prompt once this command has been processed successfully.
  12. Go to the Windows Update section of your device’s settings. It should be showing that Windows 10 Build 10061 is ready to be installed. Go ahead and proceed with the update.

If the process fails, try restarting the computer after step 11. Some users have also reported that the method only works once you try out step 12 multiple times.

The problem with Windows 10 Build 10061 might be considered a warning by Microsoft for all who have a fancy for installing leaked OS builds. MS has also said that all Technical Preview builds will stop booting as soon as Windows 10’s final build is released.

Of course, existing Fast Ring members can download the latest Windows 10 build by heading to the following link.

Install Windows 10 Build 10061 (MS Insider Fast Ring Members only)