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Bleep Messenger Is BitTorrent’s P2P Private Chat Service

BitTorrent is no longer a mere torrenting tool. The company has made its way to other tech fields recently, and has been expanding at a steady pace. A few days back, we covered BitTorrent’s Maelstrom web browser, which focuses mostly on providing the most optimal environment for downloading and managing torrents. Another salient feature of the browser is its ability to keep your data secure, and offering some added privacy. Bleep Messenger is another service that is all about privacy. With this cross-platoform chat app, users get to converse with their friends without having to worry about personal messages getting leaked. Bleep is a P2P service, so it won’t backup your private messages anywhere on the cloud. Bleep Messenger also offers voice calls, and photo sharing.

Pretty much like Snapchat, Bleep automatically deletes private messages after 25 seconds. However, you can also use the app for normal chats, which can be retained until manually deleted. The account created on Bleep is portable, which means you can switch between devices easily.

Bleep Messenger Chats

Bleep Messenger Android Normal Bleep Messenger Android Whisper

One of the best things about Bleep is its ability to work without any user accounts. You can pick a nickname, but that’s about as far as the sign up procedure goes. Your friends can search your profile using the selected nick, or through your contact information if you have chosen to share it with Bleep Messenger.
Bleep Messenger Windows

While chatting, you will see a chat window pretty much like common messenger apps. The attachment button lets you share images from the gallery or right from the device’s camera. The real magic happens when you tap the ‘Go to Whisper’ button. In Bleep Messenger, whispering entails a private chat mode. Whispers are deleted within 25 seconds of them being read by the recipient.

Bleep Messenger Voice Calls

Bleep Messenger Android Call Bleep Messenger Android Settings

The voice call quality in Bleep Messenger is pretty good, and there was no echo or considerable lag during our test run. So, Bleep is better than WhatsApp in terms of call quality. You can continue text messaging contacts during calls. Other ordinary options like muting and putting the sound on speaker are available as well.

The app is available for Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. You can download and use it for free by heading to the following link.

Install Bleep Messenger (Free)

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