Avoid Notifications Waking iPhone Screen With This Tweak

When Apple first introduced the Do Not Disturb menu in iOS, it was big news. The menu has turned out to be a good addition to the iPhone, and a large contingent of iDevice owners use the setting before going to sleep or during meetings. While using Do Not Disturbing, or putting your phone in silent mode, might ensure that the device doesn’t vibrate or plays an audible tune, there is one alert method that you just can’t turn off. Whenever you get a new notification, no matter in what mode you are currently in, your iPhone’s screen will light up. This might not sound like too big of a deal during daytime, when your device is in your pockets. However, when the phone is lying on your nightstand during dark, you might want to avoid notifications waking iPhone screen. Fortunately, there is now a convenient Cydia tweak available in the jailbreak store for this purpose.

With the tweak named IllLookLater users can mute the display of their notifications, even if the sound is active. Not only that, the tweak goes a step further and allows you to select apps for which you want to stop notifications waking iPhone screen.

IllLookLater - Avoid Notifications Waking iPhone Screen

Once IllLookLater has been installed on your device from the Cydia store, you will need to respring. After this has been done, head to the stock Settings app in your iPhone. You will notice a new entry in the Settings list, bearing the name of the newly installed tweak. This menu doesn’t have a lot of options, and only serves the purpose of housing toggles for all system and third-party apps installed on your iPhone. Any app for which users want to avoid notifications waking iPhone screen should have its toggle set to the ‘On’ position. After all the choices have been made, you can exit the Settings app and wait for the next notification to appear. If all went well, your screen should remain off even if you hear the notification’s sound.

With even web browsers like Chrome supporting push notifications now, you might decide that the flow of information is a bit too much and warrants a break every once in a while. It might be a good idea to turn to IllLookLater in this case and avoid notifications waking iPhone screen. It is a free tweak, and can be had from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. Since BigBoss is a default jailbreak repository, you won’t have to perform any additional steps after searching for the tweak in order to install it.

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