AntiSpy: Get Total Control Over Windows 10 Privacy

Windows 10 privacy has garnered a lot of negative publicity in recent days. Windows 10 supports ads in many default apps, and accesses a lot of personal user data. If you trust Microsoft, you should not be worried because as per the Redmond guys, the OS only uses the gathered information to improve the ultimate end user experience and come up with targeted ads in some instances. The problems vary from ad-supported Solitaire to recent usage history being retained in the Start menu. Thankfully, most Windows 10 privacy settings can be easily controlled from within the menus inside the OS. There is a lot of stuff to manage though, and you might not realize the extent to which Windows 10 has access to your data. AntiSpy is a new app that provides a very convenient way to view and control all Windows 10 privacy settings in one place.

Unlike some other privacy-related tools present in the market, AntiSpy does not make any extravagant claims. The app’s functionality is pretty straightforward. It merely lists all toggles from Windows 10 that can be considered relevant to privacy in any way possible. You can even filter down the list based on criteria like action, location, function, etc.

AntiSpy Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Using AntiSpy is really easy. The main screen comes subdivided into many smaller sections. All toggles can be viewed on the main screen as soon as the app is launched. You can get a very good idea of what each app and sensor installed on your system is accessing at a given time. If you never want your device’s camera to log your location against captured photos, the app lets you do that. If you think using the thumb-print scanner on your laptop can jeopardize your privacy, it can be disabled. As already mentioned, AntiSpy even narrows down the toggle list when needed.

If you are worried about your privacy since updating to Windows 10, AntiSpy will at least restore a sense of control to you. The app can help you control what messages, audio and video leaves your computer. So, do give it a try to at least check what information from your system is currently exposed.

Please note that the app works ONLY with Windows 10.

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