Adblock Browser: A Clean UI & Ad-Free Browsing On Android

With Project Maelstrom, BitTorrent might have started a new trend where companies from different niches will start launching web browsers of their own. Adblock is a well-known name among the tech community, and stands out in the crowd of apps and extensions claiming to get rid of intrusive ads on websites. Adblock gives you a very easy and effective way of ensuring that your browsing experience remains clean. While it doesn’t take long to download the service’s extension on a desktop browser, things aren’t the same when you are trying to get rid of mobile ads. This is why Adblock Browser has been released for Android users!

Adblock Browser isn’t just another one-trick pony, as the app has plenty to offer. Not only does it come with a very neat user interface, there are a ton of other options available as well. You get tabbed browsing, gesture control, and of course, the ability to control ad visibility.

To ensure smooth transition between browsers, Adblock Browser comes with some decent importing options. The app has the ability to import your existing bookmarks and browsing history with a single tap in the Settings section. The app also displays a number of instructions when you launch it for the first time, which are helpful in getting started with Adblock Browser.

Adblock Browser Android Home Adblock Browser Android Tabs

The Adblock Browser UI is reminiscent of Chrome for Android, but isn’t a copy of it by any means. The main page shows previews of commonly visited websites. You can also pin pages here by visiting them or adding them to ‘favorites’. Opened tabs can easily be dismissed by swiping to the left or hitting the cross button.

Adblock Browser Android Suggestions Adblock Browser Android Settings

Adblock Browser integrates search engines in a unique manner. Rather than having to choose one as your default option, you can select a search engine for each individual query. It is also possible to toggle automatic suggestions with ease.

When the Adblock Browser’s settings menu is summoned, you can see its deep focus on bringing a truly ad-free experience to your Android. The app comes complete with advertisement management, ad whitelists, and customization options. It is possible to turn on automatic updates, and change the way your pinned pages appear on the app’s main page.

Adblock Browser is a free app. It is in beta for now, so you won’t find it in the Play Store. The APK can be installed quite easily though, if you open the following link on your Android device.

Install Adblock Browser [APK]