15 Top Windows 10 Wallpapers

With Windows 10’s release just over a month away, the excitement is quite high. Just a couple of days ago, Windows 10 was in the news again when Microsoft revealed the making of their popular Windows 10 Hero wallpaper. While that background image involves actual crystal dust and a whole lot of lasers, there are plenty of other equally impressive wallpapers available on the internet. However, going through hundreds of images to try and find the ones that are worthy of making it to your desktop might be quite a drag. This is why we have compiled a list of 15 top Windows 10 wallpapers.

The following list includes entries from a variety of sources, and is not sorted in any particular order. We understand that it is almost impossible to generalize aesthetics, which is why some of the entries might not be to your taste. Do go through these top Windows 10 wallpapers though, and see how many you would want to use on your Windows 10 machine come July 29th.


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Hero

Of course, no list of top Windows 10 wallpapers will be complete without the inclusion of the default Hero image. MS has been consistently getting wallpapers right since Windows XP. Windows 10 carries this tradition very well.

[via Softpedia]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Colored Planks

This might be the most vibrant entry present in our list. The overall look goes very well with tiles and other aspects of Windows 10.

[via Graffies]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Robotic Blood

A futuristic robot-like look for a wallpaper, what more could you want?

[via GoodFon]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Coffee

Reminiscent of Windows XP’s coffee bean wallpaper, this image certainly deserves a place among the top Windows 10 wallpapers due to its vintage look.

[via HDWallpaper]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - River Eve

This wallpaper is elegant and comes with a certain kind of beauty of its own.

[via Deviant Art]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Mapple Kaleido

This image is part of the list because you just can’t have a collection of top Windows 10 wallpapers without one photo having the kaleidoscope look.

[via Graffies]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Sunny Edge

Had Microsoft not developed the Hero image, this might have made the cut as the default Windows wallpaper. It has the MS look to it.

[via HDWallpapers]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Princess Luna

Even if you are not a fan of ‘My Little Pony’, the wallpaper is worth a download for its overall appearance.

[via Deviant Art]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Shadow

A strong combination of shadows and blue gives this wallpaper a solid place in our list.

[via GoodFon]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Space

Some might call this tacky, but the wallpaper still has a certain charm to it.

[via HDWallpapers]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Emboss

This slight twist on the default Windows wallpaper looks pretty good.

[via Wallpapers Wide]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Green 3D

Very well-made wallpaper. The finishing and shading is very good.

[via Deviant Art]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Hip to be Square


[via GoodFon]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Ad

One of the very few images out there (and specially among our collection of top Windows 10 wallpapers) that has a dark blue hue.

[via Windows 10 Free]


Top Windows 10 Wallpapers - Aqua Word Art

This one might look like it has been made in Office 2003’s Word Art, but some times you just want to lighten the mood with something like this.

[via Images Die]